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Flower Queen, artist, jeweler, craftress, treasure hunter, photographer, designer, stylist and singer
a life dominated by and often complicated by the overpowering impulse to create
all photographs were taken by me and every single creation was handmade unless otherwise noted
$2 Shows Harmony Project Cherokee Arielle July 28th Royal T

In the process of making 11 custom ordered hair clips for a wedding! Check them out!

And I have a sale coming up!

On July 28th $2 Shows presents an Electric Bath at The Royal T in Culver City

$2 Shows presents a night of young talented innovative electronic music composers that will surely blow your mind with sounds and beats that will resonate with you for years to come. The visual artists will debut some of the most psychedelic paintings and projections anyone has ever scene, including a demonstration of brand new musical instrument invention by Chris Adams known as the trampoline machine. With each bounce there is a different sound and visual effect connected with it. It will surely be a night to check out!

I will post more details later but, get excited!!! It will be a great night and all the proceeds go to

The Harmony Project

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